Empowering Education in Aquin, Haiti

Ignite the Spark of Education in Aquin


At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to transform the lives of children in Aquin, Haiti, through the power of education. Founded on the belief that every child deserves the right to learn, grow, and dream, our team is dedicated to breaking down the barriers that prevent access to quality education. Through the collective efforts of our community and generous donors, we aim to provide not just tuition, but a comprehensive educational package that includes uniforms and essential school supplies.

In the past year alone, our efforts have allowed us to send 42 children from the towns of Mirah, Melinette, and Bellevue back to school. This year, with our sights set higher, we aspire to extend this opportunity to 50 more children. Our primary fundraising event, Bel D’ Lites: The Enchanted Experience, embodies the spirit of our cause. By merging the joy of cultural exploration through cuisine with the impactful narrative of our mission, we offer an evening that not only entertains but enlightens.

Join us in our journey to light the path to education for the children of Aquin. Together, we can ignite the spark of change and open doors to a world of possibilities.

Spark a Dream, Change a Future

Join Us for an Evening of Enchantment and Hope at Bel D’ Lites 2024 Together, We Can Illuminate the Path to Education for the Children of Aquin, Haiti. Don’t Miss This Magical Experience Your Support Can Turn Dreams into Reality!


Transforming education in Haiti

In June 2023, during a brief family visit to Aquin, Haiti, I experienced a profoundly enlightening moment that reshaped my perspective on global education challenges. Conversations with local families revealed the daunting obstacles they face in providing education for their children, sparking a deep resolve within me to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Before leaving Haiti, I engaged with principals from three towns Mirah, Melinette, and Bellevue. I shared my vision to support their children’s education, and they immediately acknowledged the critical need for such help, expressing their heartfelt gratitude.

Fueled by a united effort of fundraising and generous contributions from supporters, we achieved a remarkable milestone. By September 2023, we had successfully gathered sufficient funds to cover the full tuition for 42 children, enabling them to return to school. This initiative not only illuminated the power of community and compassion but also marked the beginning of a sustained commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for children in Haiti.

2024 Goals

This year, our mission is to empower every child with the essential tools and resources required to unlock the doors to quality education and chase their aspirations fearlessly, while also building a stronger community . It takes just $160 to support a child for an entire academic year, covering crucial needs like tuition, uniforms, and supplies.

Hosting “Bel D’Lites: The Enchanted Experience” will pave the way for our local community to gain awareness while also raising funds for the children in Aquin, Haiti.

Creating a Culture of Giving

A Ripple Effect of Generosity and Hope

Bel D’ Lites: The Enchanted Experience is more than just a fundraiser; it’s a testament to what can be achieved when people come together for a common cause. This event not only raises the necessary funds to support our mission but also inspires a culture of giving and solidarity. Each donation, no matter the size, creates a ripple effect, encouraging others to contribute and spreading hope throughout Aquin and beyond.